Restoring Legacy.

So much of our future lies in preserving our past.” –Peter Westbrook
Our work

At DCI, we believe design innovation is applicable not only to building new but to ensuring we are preserving what has been. While some older buildings see their timely demise, others simply can’t be replaced. These are often the structures that have signaled great beginnings – from the birth of cities to the growth of our national parks.

DCI is fortunate to have a team of engineers with the experience, passion and gutsiness to take on this important task of preserving history. Their ability to respect the historic fabric of these regional landmarks while ensuring their life-safety takes creative thinking and an ability to coordinate with project stakeholders.

It’s through preservation that we can see history remain intact and available for generations to come.

Key Considerations

  • Working with Local & Government Authorities
  • Historic Assessments for the Future
  • Well versed in the International Existing Building Code (IEBC)
Harlow Hotel_Lobby

Reintroducing Portland’s Past for Today’s Needs

Historic Leaders

Samantha Fox web

Samantha Fox

Bob Mac Intosh web

Robert MacIntosh

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Matt Schmidt

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Harry Jones, II

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Shirley Chalupa

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Mark D. Aden