Seismic/Adaptive Renovation

The Raw & True Nature of Structural Engineering.

Whether building new or readapting what already exists, making sure a structure is “up to snuff” is precisely what we do.

Our work

When building uses change or the structures themselves no longer meet important seismic standards, this is where our engineers leverage experience and creative problem solving. Sometimes these projects require certain detective skills on our engineers’ part as most older structures no longer have their original building plans. These on-site evaluations vary from simple visual observations to extensive exploratory investigations that get at the bones of a building.

It’s an exciting process that reveals the extent of required work and how best to approach it. Whether it’s preserving the existing cladding, adhering to strict budgets, working to accommodate operational schedules or a combination of it all, DCI is there to help these places find new life again.

Key Considerations

  • Site conditions
  • Assessment of existing building conditions for seismic performance
  • Cost analysis
  • Single or multi-phase project/renovation
  • Identify if the project qualifies as an adaptive reuse/occupancy change within its jurisdiction
  • Voluntary or mandatory seismic upgrade
  • Full or partial seismic upgrade
  • Exploratory excavation/demolition plan
  • Determine if a seismic isolation joint should be installed
  • Jurisdictional height requirements/zoning rules
  • Architectural design intent
  • Reinforcement needs (floor stiffening, shotcrete walls)
  • Determine if a new basement or podium structure is needed for an existing building
  • Project requirements to keep business/school open during renovation
  • Historic preservation
  • Construction sequencing/temporary support of existing building elements
  • Bracing of unreinforced masonry
  • Civil engineering needs
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Seismic/Adaptive Renovation Leaders

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