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Learn more about DCI's sunny San Diego Office

When one thinks of San Diego, many images might come to mind; like panda bears at the World-famous zoo, Shamu splashing the crowds at Sea World, flip flops traipsing upon pristine beaches, sailboats cutting through the Bay, surfers shredding the waves, or perhaps the ever-present sunny skies. However, unnoticed by sun-seeking tourists, nestled on the twelfth floor of a uniquely oriented building on West Broadway, there toils day-in and day-out an exemplary crew of engineers, drafters and administrative staff diligently performing calculations, checking shop drawings, laying out buildings in Revit, and writing proposals despite alluring views of the Coronado Bridge and the glistening Harbor in the (not too far) distance. In fact, it requires a special group of individuals with a high degree of self-discipline to not be distracted by the 74-degree temperatures and proximity to miles of coastline. These same diligent workers manage to stay focused on meeting deadlines and providing “Service, Innovation, and Value” to our wonderful clients in Southern California and beyond.

While the San Diego office’s employees pride themselves on their work ethic and commitment to their clients, they also know how to have fun. Thanks to the energy and creativity of our Social Coordinator, Jessica Chaisson, business is balanced with lively contests, birthday celebrations, rotating happy hours, and her now infamous themed parties. This commitment to fun-filled group activities is one of the reasons why staff members get along so well and work together so efficiently.

As a final note, the office may or may not run on candy, so our Administrative Assistant, Melissa Giacalone, knows what each employee’s favorite sugar-loaded fuel is and does a great job of doling it out and keeping the candy bowl magically filled, particularly when a deadline is fast approaching!

Quick stats on DCI's San Diego office:

  • Location: 101 West Broadway, Ste. 1260 – in the heart of downtown San Diego, adjacent to two courthouses and Horton Plaza (Outdoor) Mall
  • Move-in Date: March 11, 2013
  • Number of Employees: 16
  • Favorite Lunch Spots: Specialty’s and Chipotle (both located inside the building); Horton Plaza’s Food Court; Nordstrom’s Cafe
  • Recently Completed Projects: Pacific Ridge Residential, San Diego, CA; Galbraith Hall at UCSD, La Jolla, CA; Viejas Casino Hotel Tower, Alpine, CA; Connections Housing, San Diego, CA
  • Fun Fact: The office specializes in unique, themed parties/competitions: i.e. Tres de Mayo; Twin Day; Crazy Tie Day; Ugly Sweater Day; Crazy Sock Day

Our great new office building on West Broadway

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