Cottonwood, ID

Notable Destinations & Commerce: Lewis and Clark Trail; Salmon and Snake Rivers; Cottonwood Butte Ski Area; Winchester Lake State Park; Nez Perce Reservation; Clearwater River Casino & Lodge; Idaho Forest Group; Avista Utilities; Idaho Power Company

Signature DCI Cottonwood Cultural Activities: office/client lunch outings; industry happy hour gatherings; participate in DCI Spokane events

If you crave unplugging from city life, Cottonwood is the perfect rural destination. The town of about 900 residents is known for being close to hiking trails, camping sites, water sports, outdoor activities – and having a lower cost of living compared to urban places. Historically, Cottonwood’s economic sources came from the mining and logging industries. Today, generations of family and commercial businesses continue to maintain livestock, agricultural, forestry, and mining commerce throughout the region. Established in 2022, the Cottonwood office opened to better serve these clients and contractors in central Idaho.

The nature of the local trade and industry makes Associate Principal Thomas Holman an invaluable engineering resource for operators of large-scale material handling equipment and heavy industrial mechanical systems. As the office lead, he makes himself accessible to clients needing customized machinery design, support systems, fabricated parts, and much more. Besides providing a niche design service to these clients, the Cottonwood team offers standard structural engineering services for clients developing commercial buildings and high-rises in metropolitan areas.

Cottonwood, ID

415 Main, Suite 1
Cottonwood, ID 83522

(208) 871-0319


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Thomas Holman

Associate Principal, Spokane
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