2015 European Scholarship

Passion, Personality, and Portfolio

In the spring of 2014, DCI Engineers and HDG Architecture announced the kick-off of a new scholarship opportunity that would offer one student from the Pacific Northwest the opportunity to spend 21 days traveling and exploring throughout Paris, Barcelona, Florence, and Rome. Our 2014 recipient, Molly Johnson, chronicled the engineering and architectural marvels throughout Europe and provided our community with an introspective understanding of the historical accomplishments of building designers from antiquity to present times. DCI Engineers and HDG Architecture are pleased to announce the continuation of this unique opportunity and to officially announce the destination cities for our 2015 scholarship!

The primary goal of our scholarship program is to give students an exclusive opportunity to connect with and reflect on historic European architecture and the buildings that broke the boundaries of structural design. Most importantly, DCI and HDG desired to fulfill an opportunity to promote the important work of the A/E/C industry and attract attention to a field of work that is diminishing in student interest.

“As designers, our job is to make someone’s imagination a tangible reality. We embrace their thoughts and ideas and work to bring them to life. It is much easier to do when we ourselves step out from the number crunching and clock watching and enjoy the creative process. It is easy to run on autopilot, but it is truly remarkable to be aware of your surroundings and your accomplishments each day. This trip was an amazing opportunity and I look forward to following the next lucky student’s journey!” –Molly Johnson, 2014 European Scholarship Recipient.

If you are a student aged 21 years and over and are studying in the field of structural engineering, architecture, or interior design, please submit a 45-second to one-minute video to DCI Engineers and HDG Architecture that demonstrates your passion for your chosen field, personality, portfolio, and a desire to experience some of the world’s most magnificent works of architecture. Our 2015 European Scholarship winner will be awarded a 21 day adventure trip to Amsterdam, Prague, and Berlin and the opportunity to blog their experiences on the DCI Engineers website.

Check out our 2014 European Scholarship blog to learn more about Molly’s experience!

For rules and entry details, click here.

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