Ballard's Greenfire Campus

Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce Feature Piece

The design of Ballard’s Greenfire Campus was guide by two main goals: to create a space that is both sensibly and socially sustainable. As a popular urban neighborhood in Seattle, Ballard serves as the perfect backdrop for this urban in-fill, transit-oriented development, which consists of a five-story apartment building and a four-story office building. In order to promote a natural context for this new urban environment, the campus design had to harmoniously share spaces with the existing wildlife and community. The design team worked collaboratively to capitalize on that concept by creating micro-environments that encourage human interaction with nature. This includes the use of green community spaces, p-patches, indoor gardens, and green roofs.

Our Seattle structural team worked in conjunction with the rest of the design team to ensure that this dual approach to sustainability would be accomplished. With the recent opening of Greenfire Campus, we’re excited to watch the community grow and live out its intended purpose of long-term sustainability. The Seattle Daily Journal of commerce recently put together a wonderful feature piece on the project, which outlines some of the building’s more unique features and explains more in-depth what makes this apartment and office campus so great!

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