Expert in the Spotlight: Dick Hemmen

Seattle Engineer Discusses Seismic Upgrades and Tenant Improvements

We sat down with our October DCI Expert in the Spotlight, Richard “Dick” Hemmen for a Q&A session about Seismic Renovations and Tenant Improvements. Hemmen, who has worked on many seismic renovations and TI’s, shares with us the importance of maintaining a buildings structural components for the occurrence of a seismic event.

Expert Bio

Richard Hemmen, P.E., S.E. LEED AP Hemmen is a licensed structural engineer with over 30 years of experience in the design and construction of major commercial, institutional, residential, and healthcare projects. He has been involved in the use and development of codes for seismic evaluations and his work has included the use of innovative technologies such as energy dissipation devices and fiber reinforcement of existing buildings. He has lectured on seismic topics for both community and professional groups, and has been an instructor in structural engineering at the New School of Architectural Design in San Diego.

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Jami Sollid

Jami Sollid, Senior Marketing Coordinator | As part of the corporate marketing department and collaborative committee dedicated to DCI's "Engineer on Record" blog, Jami loves sharing information about our engineers and all their hard work. She has made it her priority to help clients, colleagues, and employees better understand the innovation and commitment that drives DCI from within, whether it's through client-focused events, social media, or new blog posts.

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