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Bill Bowers

Associate, Missoula

CAD is always evolving and helping us through advanced 3d rendering capabilities better understand how different parts of a project will fit together in the field.”

Structural work has been an interest to Bill since he was a boy. In eighth grade, Bill took a drafting course in school and when he got to high school, he cemented his commitment and took every drafting class he could, from drafting to blueprint reading. In his spare time, he’d help his dad with building structures whenever he could.

Bill’s been a part of the industry since 1990, beginning at architectural firms before joining DCI. He is now the BIM department manager for the Missoula office. He focuses on working with new designers on their projects and providing value to clients by devising the most efficient designs possible. He values his role as a mentor to other BIM designers. He’s developed templates for precast concrete projects and has discovered his own streamlining tricks during his 30-year career, which he shares with new DCI team members and clients to bring value to every project. He has worked on everything from large steel bridges to steel-constructed commercial buildings, to modular buildings and precast concrete commercial facilities.

Where is your hometown?
Big Bay, Michigan but I grew up in Ronan, Montana

What was your favorite class in school/college?
Architectural drafting

What is your favorite thing about the DCI work environment?
My favorite thing about DCI is the family atmosphere, everyone cares and is willing to help.