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Associate, Wayne

“Even though we can group projects by ‘type,’ they’re never truly all the same.”

Always for creative solutions, Erik is known for never saying ‘no’ to a project. Since joining the firm in 2007, this Philadelphia area native has been contributing to all types of unique buildings in the mid-Atlantic – from high-rise office and residential to higher education and healthcare structures.

His contributions have also included revising and expanding the internal detail library and training new engineers. Speaking of the future, when asked how engineering will continue to be relevant, Erik notes that it’s human nature to want to expand and go bigger, which means structural engineers will be needed at the front, making sure those bigger projects can stand the test of time.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?
I’m 15 years in, so this is unfathomable.

Where is your hometown?
Ridley Park, PA (20 minutes southwest of Philly)

What would you name an engineering superhero?
The Lateral Core