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Guy Conversano


Principal & Co-Founder, Seattle

We are always looking for innovative ways to serve our clients and to provide value with economic designs and outstanding service."

Guy is chairman and a co-founding partner at DCI. His expansive professional experience and his devotion to clients ensure that he prescribes economical designs for any project. Additionally, he believes that making constructability a priority is an essential component of success, regardless of a project’s size or scope. More important, though, Guy believes that maintaining friendships and giving back to the community are his greatest rewards, and he does both with a huge smile.

  • Where is your hometown? Eureka, California.
  • If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be? A dentist (still building bridges!).
  • What is your favorite piece of historical architecture? The Space Needle. It is a symbol that represents the heritage and innovative engineering that comes out of the Northwest.