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J. Mark D’Amato


Principal Emeritus & Co-founder, Seattle

Physics was my favorite subject in school. By becoming a structural engineer, I gained a life-long opportunity to practice physics on a grand scale: quantifying and applying the forces of nature for the structural design of our built environment."

Since co-founding DCI in 1988, Mark has invested more than just his time and talents in the company; he has dedicated 25 years of his life to ensuring that DCI successfully serves clients and maintains a family-friendly work environment that produces positive experiences for its employees. With decades of experience on a wide variety of project types, Mark has earned the respect of many clients and peers within the A/E/C industry. He continues to foster valuable relationships with clients, while also taking a great interest in boosting employee morale and providing guidance for engineers and staff at any level in their professional careers.

  • What was your favorite class in college? Physics.
  • What is your favorite place or building in Seattle? The Space Needle.
  • What would you name an engineering superhero? Moment Man/Woman.