Jessica Hope

Jessica Hope

BIM Project Manager

Being a BIM designer is a mix of conveying information but also making sure that what we are telling someone to do is actually doable. We have the best tool out there for being able to predict any conflicts before construction has started, with the potential to save significant money, materials and manpower."

Jessica’s interest in 3D modeling began at Montana State University where she majored in Studio Art. She wanted to apply her artistic skills in a career that would be considered essential, so she switched up her major and enrolled in a drafting program. Her first CAD job was at a custom stone shop in Bozeman and her next was as a shop detailer for a custom cabinetry business in Missoula.

Jessica gained more experience detailing building components before she joined DCI in 2017. Here, she began designing buildings that the cabinets and countertops she started her career designing would end up in. At DCI, Jessica’s thorough approach to her work led her to develop tools to standardize the modeling process for shear walls in wood and steel projects. Her work can be seen in Big Sky and Bozeman, but her work stretches all over Montana with residential, high-end residential and multifamily housing projects along with existing structure work and bridges.

What was your favorite class in college/school?
Metalsmithing. It was a combination of both creating work and a bit of metallurgy.

What would you name an BIM/CAD superhero?
The Design Diviner

What is your favorite thing about the DCI work environment?
I love the family feel we have in the office. Any company event feels like a family reunion. We also have such a vast amount of experience amongst us all that it's great to be able to reach out to others and gain expertise from others to further ensure we are giving our clients the best work we can offer. I also appreciate the opportunity to go on site visits and see, in person, the projects I have been modeling with lines on a computer.