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Jessica Martinez

PE, LEED Green Associate

Structural Sustainability Specialist, Seattle

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I’ve always admired the impact buildings and spaces have on the human experience. What keeps me in the profession is our unique opportunity—and responsibility— to steer the future of the building industry towards a more sustainable future. With most building-related embodied carbon emissions coming from the structure itself, engineers have a responsibility to lead meaningful change for future generations to come.”

Since first joining the firm as an intern in 2015, Jessica Martinez has explored an engineering path that capitalizes on her strengths while nurturing her curiosities. This evolution of design has taken her from DCI’s Austin office to the firm’s headquarters in Seattle, where she focuses on sustainable design solutions for projects in several market types and project materials.

While she sees embodied carbon reduction as a vital component to structural engineering’s ethical obligations, Jessica also leverages sustainable design as an efficiency tool when it comes to specifying materials and considering the energy required to create, transport, construct and dispose of those materials. This take on innovative thinking is why Jessica is an active member of the Carbon Leadership Forum, SEAW and the NCSEA National Sustainability Design Committee.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?
Artist! I love creating sculptural and fiber art.

What was your favorite class in college?
Architecture and Society

What is your favorite thing about the DCI work environment?
The people! Everyone looks out for each other, works hard and knows how to have a good time.

Favorite projects

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