Juleen Rogness

Juleen Rogness


Senior Project Manager, Anchorage


My favorite part of the design process is coming up with a solution to a complicated, non-traditional design. Figuring out a solution to a complicated structural engineering problem is so rewarding."

When her sister brought home steel bridge magazines, Juleen instantly became a fan of structural engineering while still in high school. She started her career working on historical buildings in Seattle’s Pioneer Square and then worked for a structural engineer designing wastewater treatment plants. Next came an opportunity to specialize in aluminum and glass design.

At DCI, Juleen elevated her specialty engineering skills with aluminum design and tenant improvement projects. Her ease at managing restaurant improvement projects exemplifies her level of experience with most building types. She has developed strong client/contractor relationships in her field. Juleen is known for her ability to work tight project timelines; her natural interest in 3D modeling; and her motivation to design a satisfying structural solution to benefit her clients.

What have you learned about the AEC industries in Alaska?
People here are fine with casual attire.

What would you say structural engineers do in the grand scheme of things?
As my first employer said: “We keep the floors from touching.”

What is your favorite historical architecture?
I don’t have a particular piece of historical architecture that comes to mind as my favorite, but I love visiting and exploring ruins and seeing how people would construct things in their time.