Abercrombie headshot 2

Kellie Abercrombie

BIM Project Manager, San Francisco

My favorite part of this job is watching a project go from start to finish and being part of the team, problem solving along the way. All the dedication, frustrations and the hours that go into it. Seeing the project go from a theoretical idea to something tangible that can make a real impact on the community it is housed in.”

Kellie is a BIM project manager in our San Francisco Office. She’s been all over the country with DCI, first joining the Spokane office where she worked on CMU retail buildings and grocery stores. She then helped open our office in Austin, Texas, where she worked on wood hotels and light gage buildings. Her leadership skills eventually led her to our San Francisco office where she has been for several years. Kellie’s optimism and desire to learn more about new modeling practices and material usage makes her a valuable asset to clients looking for multiple solutions to their issues. Kellie loves history and working on historic preservation projects. She says her dream project is “any place where I get the chance to restore a piece of history, with the integrity of the building intact.”

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?
I would like to try to be the next Norm Abram or Tom Silva. I like to tinker, to build, create and restore.

What is your dream project location?
Any place where I get a chance to either restore a piece of history, with the integrity of the building intact. Or somewhere way off in the mountains where anyone who looks at it can dream and build a goal of someday, someday that could be where I will be.

What is your favorite thing about the DCI work environment?
My favorite thing about the DCI work environment is the experience/education. The ability to constantly learn new materials and methods from our veteran engineers/designers. Or even the constant amount of new structural material types and methods from our numerous resources that we have. This is a career where you will never be limited in knowledge base.