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Mark Bradford


Associate Principal, Missoula

One of the things I love about engineering is the universal use of mathematical principles for real-world application that benefits society."

Mark’s early inclination for engineering started at home when he helped his dad with random house projects. The jobs included installing a concrete foundation for an in-ground basketball hoop and a wood framed skateboard quarter pipe.

He became a teacher prior to pursuing his college degree in engineering and ran a painting business during the summers. He found his way to DCI to become a project manager and to join the office management team. Through the years, Mark developed valuable local client relationships and contributed to Missoula-based projects, such as public schools, medical facilities, commercial buildings, low-rise apartments, and tenant improvement of existing buildings. He currently plays a major leadership role at the Missoula office interfacing with established clients of Principal Tom Beaudette. Mark is enthusiastic about the business direction of the firm and looks forward to future engineering opportunities.

  • If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be? A financial planner.
  • Where is your hometown? Missoula, Montana.
  • What is your favorite place, building, or built environment at your current city of residence? Enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.