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Mike Lavi


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“One of the best things about structural engineering is after a project is constructed it becomes a lasting monument of all your time and hard work - determining how it would all come together in the most constructible and economical way possible. Plus, there is the added benefit of getting to drive down the road with family or friends and getting to say, ‘I worked on that building.’”

Since 2012, Mike has been immersed in the field of structural engineering where he has provided designs for K-12, higher education, multi-family and student housing, office, parking and other projects across Texas and throughout the U.S.

Prior to jumping into the professional realm, Mike earned his technical knowledge at the University of Texas, first a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the Austin campus and then his Masters in Structural Engineering through UT Arlington. While based in the firm’s Dallas office, Mike is well-connected to projects happening throughout Texas and is excited to see the region’s continued growth as regional jurisdictions, owners and designers embrace new building technologies and delivery methods.

Where is your hometown?
Arlington, Texas

What was your favorite class in college?
An elective called Architecture and Society. It was taught by a professional architect who worked in Austin. He would describe different architecture and structure of buildings around the world. It was very interesting!

What is your favorite piece of historical architecture?
Not sure I have a favorite, but getting to visit the Olympic stadium in Athens, Greece was pretty cool to see in person.