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Nancy Atkins

BIM Department Manager, San Diego

I have always been involved in the construction industry in some way, from remodeling stores for Sears, being a welder in the Navy, drawing floor plans for PETCO. Every drafter I know has an artistic side, so it is a wonderful blending of those two sides of the brain.”

Nancy is direct. She comes to work each day with the goal of getting her jobs done on time before the deadline elapses. She got her start in the building world in the Navy as a Seabees welder. She worked on many projects both in the US and Japan. After the navy, she designed stores for PETCO and eventually went back to school to get a drafting degree. Now, she’s the BIM Manager for our San Diego and Irvine offices, where she schedules projects and assigns dozens of engineers to their teams.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?
Own a family farm that hosted events for the community

What is your dream project location?
I love working on projects that bring a positive change to any developing community

What is your favorite place, building, or built environment at your current city of residence?
Even though they were born out of protest, I love the murals on the pillars of the freeway in the Barrio Logan neighborhood. They have recently been placed on the National Historic Register and tell the story of the struggle of this area of San Diego and the resiliency its residents.