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Steve Carrillo

BIM Department Manager, Los Angeles

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Construction has always been a passion. Drafting was something I liked and learned from a young age. I always liked the challenge in finding the integral components of an object--it’s like solving a puzzle and it has helped me understand the overall concept of building and design.”

Construction has always been a passion for Steve. In college, he studied Revit and AutoCAD and was interested in using both to develop a permitted set of construction documents. Steve got his start at a small architecture firm before he joined DCI. Here, he helps train project designers in AutoCAD and Revit so they too can become as proficient as him. He brings his expertise to every project he works on, providing clients with his valuable service. He loves working with architects on projects, not only for the extra input but for the learning opportunity each collaboration presents. He’s developed many protocols and modeling methodologies since joining DCI and is a chair of our BIM Committee.

What is your dream project location?

What is your favorite piece of historical architecture?
Frank Lloyd Wright “falling water”.

What would you name a BIM superhero?
BIM Groot