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Tom Woodcock

Associate, PNW Business Development Manager, Seattle

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Business development is all about proactive diplomacy - to champion a firm in such a way that you create an exciting ecosystem around your brand, one that convinces people they need to be part of it.”

With a background in international relations and commercial real estate, Tom became a local public figure in the Pacific Northwest AEC industries through BISNOW. When he made his next career move, he joined DCI for its entrepreneurial energy. He taps his leadership skills (and his past wildland firefighting experience) when planning strategies for the firm’s market competitiveness. He evaluates the moment through a pragmatic lens, and takes on the challenge.

To support the firm’s Pacific Northwest and national pursuits, Tom harnesses his industry skills by optimizing the deluge of market data to inform strategic decision making, channel energy, and tell compelling and informed stories. He targets audiences to establish essential rapport and determines short-term and long-term campaign efforts. A veteran of crafting narratives around merging market trends, Tom engages with clients, AEC professionals, colleagues, students, and community decision-makers to promote DCI’s Service, Innovation, and Value.

What was your favorite class in college?
History of Italy from the 13th to 18th Centuries

Where is your dream place to live and work?
Whitefish, Montana

How do you explain the role of business development to folks in this industry?
Business development is a means to an end - and the end result is leadership. The role is the human extension of engineering. An engineering firm’s future depends on building smart strategies, the quality of your product, and the strength of your relationships. That’s what I contribute – and it’s also about empowering your team members. There are so many interesting human stories from DCI’s pool of talent, and I want to empower those individuals’ creativity and ideas – that’s what resonates with people.