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Travis Bradshaw


Associate, Helena

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The average person will wake up in the morning after sleeping soundly in a home capable of sustaining wind and snow loads throughout the night. They will send their kids to a school designed to ensure the safety of each and every child. They’ll get in their car, commuting over steel and concrete bridges, spending their day in a building capable of withstanding everything the environment can throw at it. All these seemingly ordinary aspects of everyday life are made possible by structural engineers diligently working behind the scenes.”

Through his multiple internships while attending the University of Alaska, Travis was able to explore several engineering disciplines. This presented him with varying aspects of the profession, ultimately guiding him to his passion: structural design.

Since then, Travis has been providing solutions for all types of projects across the intermountain region. While his experience has provided a heavy residential, commercial and hospitality building resume, Travis’s forte is in his bridge work. These projects have included bridges ranging in scope, size and material with both public and private clientele.

In fact, Travis is credited for helping launch DCI’s bridge program and internal bridge design technical committee. This natural effort to lead combined with his project management skills is why Travis has found a home leading efforts for the firm’s Helena location.

What is your favorite thing about the DCI work environment?
The sense of community. I’ve always appreciated how close I am with the people I work with.

What is your dream project location?
The nice thing about working on bridges in Montana is that it provides ample opportunity to scope out new secret fishing holes. My dream project location is one where I can add a few quick casts to a site visit.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?
Professional Ski Bum. If for some reason I couldn’t win the lottery to support that endeavor and was forced to work, I would likely be a Ski Patroller.

Favorite projects

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Coleman Creek Bridge