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Vikram Dey


Senior Project Manager, Los Angeles

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I like all stages of the design process. I feel each phase has its own flavor - but if I were to pick a favorite phase, it would be the schematic design phase when we first get to understand the building architecture and layout for our structural framing system.”

Vikram’s interest in engineering sparked at an early age when accompanying his father (a civil engineer) to project sites in India. When he got the opportunity to pursue civil engineering as his undergraduate degree focus, he knew he wanted to pursue and follow the footsteps of his father. During his undergraduate program, Vikram developed an interest in engineering mechanics and structural design courses. He pursued multiple internships including one at his father’s place of employment. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, he obtained two years of construction experience in India. Eventually Vikram’s graduate career brought him to the US where he advanced academically and had opportunities to design infrastructure and built environments here.

He finds fulfillment in applying his math and science knowledge to benefit and protect others. Vikram’s genuine interest in understanding a client’s design intention helps him ask the right questions to produce efficient designs for towers, multi-family housing, military, tenant improvement, and a variety of other project types. Vikram reliably wears many hats at DCI, such as team leader, mentor, fixer, educator, colleague, and above all - a student always willing to learn about new technologies and materials for use in construction.

What were your favorite classes in college?
Reinforced Concrete Design, Steel Design, Finite Element Analysis, Material Science.

What is your favorite piece of historical architecture?
Taj Mahal

What is your favorite structure in Los Angeles?
The new 6th Street Viaduct in Arts District near Downtown Los Angeles. It offers a stunning view of the LA skyline, and is a perfect place for a jog or a walk.