Dexter Yard

Clean Again: Prepping a polluted lot for science lab cleanliness standards

For decades, the lot at 700 Dexter was a polluted site. From the 1980s to the recent past, a laundromat operated on the site and improperly disposed of chemical cleaners there. As a result, the site became heavily polluted, making it impossible to develop new projects on the site without first properly cleaning up the property grounds.

DCI was brought on by the project’s Architect of Record, Kendall/Heaton, to clean and prep the site so they could build two new life sciences buildings there. For five years, DCI Engineers worked with the project’s MEP, contractor and the City to get the site up to laboratory cleanliness standards. This involved submitting two major utilities permits for the project, extensive undergrounding of utilities around the site, and developing watertight stormwater and wastewater retention vaults on the site to prevent further pollution.

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Seattle, Washington
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Commercial, Life Science & Laboratory
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Concrete, Steel

Project Highlights

• Filled 52 potholes on the four streets bordering the site.

• New storm drain extension to prevent site pollution.

• Redesigned curbs, curb cuts, garage entrance, and loading dock, all in compliance with 2017 City of Seattle Standards Plan.

• Fitwel certified.

Awards and Certifications

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Damon A. Smith

Principal, Portland


The most gratifying part of our profession is the sense of accomplishment when a construction project is completed and put to good use by the intended users. Since I was a kid, I have enjoyed building everything from model airplanes to tree houses. That same feeling of accomplishment is present in every project I design today.”

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