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DCI Engineers offers full bridge services to our project partners -- from inspections and load rating to full design and replacement. Using a multi-faceted approach that often integrates project subconsultants and other DCI services such as Civil and Right of Way, our team is a one-stop shop for your next bridge project.

Our work


DCI offers comprehensive bridge services for our project partners. Depending on the task at hand, our team can provide some or all of the following bridge services.

Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit


Our team is experienced with very diverse seismic evaluation, retrofit, and historic preservation projects that range from the renovation of old commercial buildings to life safety upgrades for higher education buildings and hospital facilities. Our seismic experts make it a priority to keep up with the latest seismic technologies and research regarding material seismic behaviors and construction techniques as they apply to existing building upgrades.

Long Span


At DCI, our structural team has provided services for a variety of long span projects, including sports arenas, auditoriums, and religious facilities. Through collective knowledge and experience, many of our engineers are well-versed in the design requirements for long span projects to maximize unobstructed floor space.

Feasibility Studies


Our clients dream big and we help them realize their dreams. We frequently perform the studies necessary to help our clients assess and determine the feasibility of a new project, whether it is an addition or expansion to an existing building or a wild idea for new construction. We examine the concepts and existing conditions during the conceptual stage of the project in order to identify impacts that significantly affect cost and schedule. We can then contribute to a conversation about the costs of the project, and give the client all the information needed to decide if it is the correct course of action.

Vibration Analysis


Our team has a great deal of experience with life science research and medical facilities, which require special consideration of the structure’s vibration characteristics. We are extremely adept at developing structures that meet stringent vibration criteria without significantly impacting the cost. We have performed successful vibration analyses for various research facilities, hospital operation rooms, vivariums, and other vibration-sensitive structures.



We pride ourselves in helping private and municipal clients with creative, new infrastructure and revitalizing existing infrastructure such as sanitary water and sewer systems. Sustainable design is important for the development and growth of communities. Our team works directly with utility purveyors to meet applicable local guidelines to ensure a seamless permitting process. Detailed analysis and modeling is critical to providing cost effective solutions and maximize benefit to the project.

Master Planning


Our team possesses extensive experience in all types of master planning for commercial, residential, medical, education, retail, governmental, and industrial projects. This experience allows us to provide sound engineering planning solutions to benefit clients with a clear solution for future project growth.

Hydrology & Hydraulic Analysis


When it comes to transportation design, safety is the top priority. DCI's staff of civil engineers can analyze rivers, channels, and culverts for flows associated with various storm events. Our engineering staff is well versed in 1 and 2 Dimensional hydraulic analysis and can help stake-holders determine the anticipated level of scour at piers and abutments while designing the rip rap necessary to prevent that scour.

Floodplain Management


DCI's staff of Certified Floodplain Managers is well versed in the permitting process through the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Our staff of engineers can assist owners with elevation certificates, no-rise certifications, and LOMR/CLOMRs. In addition to this, we can assist municipalities with development plan reviews and floodplain master planning.

Grant Writing, Planning & Asset Management


With the increasing demand on transportation infrastructure, DCI can assist owners with planning and asset management at the highest level. Whether the bridge site requires rehabilitation or full replacement, DCI can help bridge owners understand the issues a particular piece of infrastructure faces. With experienced inspectors and design engineers we gather the necessary information to make educated decisions. We can evaluate load carrying capacity, structural adequacy, hydraulic passage, and more. Our team of bridge engineers and planners can provide all the necessary documentation and coordination to successfully obtain grant funding for bridge replacements. We are familiar with the grant programs typically used for bridge funding and can help bridge owners identify grants for means of funding for a particular bridge



DCI has been providing permitting services for public and private clients for over 25 years. Our engineers are experienced in permitting new development through local, state and federal agencies. Our engineers have successfully completed floodplain development permits, Section 404 Permitting through the US Army Corps of Engineers, Coastal Development permits, and NEPA.

Bridge Inspection


DCI's growing number of bridge-focused engineers and designers include NBIS qualified bridge inspectors, team leaders, and professional engineers licensed in all 50 States. DCI can provide NBIS level inspections on bridges and culverts for publicly and privately owned infrastructure, in addition to performing load ratings and report load carrying capacity for bridge owners and submittals to DOTs. Our team can provide Level 1, 2 and 3 inspections which is accompanied by NDT equipment and minimally invasive equipment for all types of structure materials. This includes wood inspection resistance drills that can detect, measure and display soft wood, rot and cavities for all types of wood, interior and exterior.

Load Rating


DCI has extensive experience load rating all type of bridges and dealing with multiple State DOTs. We have AASHTOWare BrR and other software that is generally required by States.

Drone Photography


DCI can provide high quality drone photography, video imaging, time-lapse, areal inspection and video editing. Our remote pilots are licensed by the FAA and insured for UAS operations throughout the country.

Span Studies, Cost Estimating & Scheduling


DCI can develop span studies, detailed cost estimates and project construction scheduling that can help bridge owners in replacement or rehabilitation options for maintaining open traffic. We have an excellent understanding of current construction and material prices in most states and utilize cost estimating software for accurate results

Structural Health Monitoring


Bridge Leaders

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