DCI Part of Decarbonizing Construction Whitepaper Event

Sustainability Specialist, Jessica Martinez to join LA panel

With sustainability gaining more momentum in the AEC industry, the U.S. Green Building Council Los Angeles is releasing its white paper on Decarbonizing Construction, which will serve as a resource for firms to reduce embodied carbon throughout their buildings’ construction and life cycle processes. DCI’s Structural Sustainability Specialist, Jessica Martinez, along with Project Engineer, Salma Syed, provided feedback on the article and are excited to see its launch on Thursday, August 25th, with a virtual event happening 4-5:30pm PST.

Jessica will join a group a panelists as they discuss the current landscape of embodied carbon reduction efforts in Los Angeles and how owners and executives can influence sourcing, design and construction processes across their portfolio.

Registration is available here:

Jessica Martinez1965

Jessica Martinez

Structural Sustainability Specialist, Seattle

PE, LEED Green Associate

I’ve always admired the impact buildings and spaces have on the human experience. What keeps me in the profession is our unique opportunity—and responsibility— to steer the future of the building industry towards a more sustainable future. With most building-related embodied carbon emissions coming from the structure itself, engineers have a responsibility to lead meaningful change for future generations to come.”

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