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Andrew Kracht


Associate, Everett

“There’s an opportunity to grow here. Not only in the direction of your choosing, but in a way that adds value to our staff and our clients.”

Andrew had all the components to becoming a structural engineer – from growing up on construction sites with his dad to thriving in mathematics throughout high school – but it wasn’t until college that he connected the dots and realized he could apply both to his career.

Upon graduating from Washington State University with both a bachelor’s and master’s in Civil Engineering, Andrew developed his skills at a couple firms before joining DCI in 2012, where he’s since worked on all types of projects and materials. In addition to his design work, Andrew has been heavily involved in staff development, building client relationships and improving design processes within the firm.

He helps manage DCI’s Everett office and is a member of the Structural Engineers Association of Washington.

Where is your dream project location?
New Zealand, site walks required.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?
Amateur YouTuber, hiking log trails around the country and world.

What is your favorite place, building or built environment where you live?
I find the engineering, post-great Seattle fire, to be fascinating. They raised the city by washing Capitol Hill down through channels that were created at the roads between buildings. This sounds insane, but they did it, and we still drive on this fill to this day. Check out the Seattle Underground Tour if you haven’t already – it’s the best tour in Seattle!

Favorite projects

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Centre 425

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The Pop