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Jeff Sizemore

BIM Department Manager, Anchorage

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For someone interested in drafting in this field, I recommend being part of anything that extends your network – going to site visits, kick-off meetings, open houses, topping-out events…you get to see the overall picture. You become a better communicator and collaborator.”

After studying Video Production at the Art Institutes in Los Angeles and Seattle, Jeff pursued a different career path in the AEC industries by working on construction sites in Alaska. He got hands-on building experience and an introduction to regional requirements for structural foundations and roof loading. Jeff jumped on drafting opportunities to detail plans for residential framing, modular construction, truss and wall panel design. Now with 15+ years of drafting experience for a variety of project types and markets, he oversees drafting projects at DCI’s Anchorage office and trains new hires on how to develop quality 3D models and drawing sets. His recent work on the Medline Warehouse in Anchorage gave him a unique chance to work with all disciplines on the design team to create the final plan set.

Jeff appreciates face-to-face time with team members and colleagues. He participates in the firm’s BIM managerial summits to share knowledge about work efficiencies, improve template standards, and manage future workload. He helped create a taggable post-tensioned concrete family for BIM – making mass component selection more efficient and less time-consuming. When it comes to producing project drawings, Jeff is a reliable resource to have your side.

If you weren’t a BIM department manager, what would you be?
General Contractor.

Where is your hometown?
Eagle River, Alaska

What is your favorite thing about the DCI work environment?
The general work/life balance culture is great. And being able to visit different DCI offices each year is amazing.

Favorite projects

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Medline Warehouse