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Mary Klepin


Associate, San Diego


Structural engineers make the impossible happen. Architects have the best imaginations and the most creative minds out there. But we help bring those to life and make what seemed impossible, stand tall and proud in civilization."

You could say it was in Mary Klepin’s genes to become an engineer: her father and grandfather were both engineers themselves and as a child, she was always inspired by the remaining ancient structures of the world. She went to school for engineering and after she graduated, Mary joined the DCI family. Here, she provides structural design on projects throughout southwest California, with a strong emphasis in concrete developments. These include both cast-in-place and post-tensioned structures, many of which are high-rise towers and podiums. Around the office, Mary is known for sharing her tips and tricks on concrete design with the younger engineers. As part of the design team, Mary provides essential efficiency recommendations and structural conformance elements that benefit both cost and schedule. She is a prolific designer of built environments and a valuable leader to her clients and colleagues.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?
If money was not an issue, I would review books or work at a bookstore. I love reading. But I know I would not be successful in doing that as a career. Otherwise, I would work at Disneyland, probably; I mean I go there at least twice a month, so I know the place so well.

What would you name an engineering superhero?
Cementitious Woman

What is your favorite place, building, or built environment in your current city of residence?
Balboa Park is probably my favorite place in San Diego. I love the architecture around the area; there are so many gardens and walks in the area to explore. I remember as a kid rollerblading around the rose gardens.

Favorite projects

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