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Melissa Sibley


Associate Principal, Houston

“I really like working with lots of different people and collaborating with them to solve problems creatively to produce a tangible product. My favorite thing is brainstorming solutions with others – working closely with both the architect and general contractor to design buildings that can be built to meet the needs of the architect and is efficient for the contractor.”

After completing internships and graduating, Melissa moved to Texas with no other plan except for applying to engineering jobs. If things didn’t work out, her Plan B was to start a coffee shop. Luckily, there were opportunities for her talent in Austin.

When she joined DCI, she found a supportive group of engineering colleagues who make the work environment an enjoyable place to be. This inspired Melissa’s creativity and collaborative nature when engaging with clients, colleagues, and mentees. Soon managing a variety of structural projects became second nature to her – and she found herself contributing design for multi-family residential, healthcare, schools, mixed-use, and high-rises in the community and across the country. She now promotes DCI’s vision and goals by supporting senior leadership with strategizing team growth and business development.

Melissa’s enthusiasm for the industry made her an advocate for younger engineers and became her reason to join the ACE Mentor Programs of Austin and Houston and AIA Austin.

  • Where is your hometown?
    Urbana, Illinois
  • What is your favorite thing about the DCI work environment?
    I love that we are all encouraged to collaborate, ask questions, and foster the growth of the team.
  • Whatwere your favorite classes in college?
    3D Calculus, Quantum Physics, Engineering for the Global Environment, and Art in the Museums of Madrid

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