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Mike Gabelein

BIM Department Manager, Austin

A BIM designer’s contribution is to have the highest level of knowledge and familiarity with the geometry of the structure. We know better than anyone how the design has evolved over time, and can point out potential issues as well as offer solutions based on experience.”

After a career in finance, Michael went back to school to start a new career path in CAD and became an independent contractor for 2 years prior to joining DCI. His meticulous attention to detail made the jump a natural choice. He channels his creativity and precision to learn new software, develop BIM models and documentation, and guide fellow designers in producing quality engineering drawings.

With12 years of experience at DCI, Michael has seen his fair share of complex designs for high-rises, multi-building developments, and various project types. This makes him a great resource, partner, and communicator to AEC professionals. He leads the bi-monthly DCI BIM meetings to share work efficiency tips with other Revit super users and is involved with the QC committee to develop reference documentation. His portfolio includes The Independent and the Bowie High School Athletics building in Austin; 960 Spring in Atlanta; and First United Bank in multiple locations.

If you weren’t a BIM department manager, what would you be?
Playing tight end for the Seahawks.

What is your favorite piece of historical architecture?
Space Needle. Seattle is my hometown. It’s still a pretty amazing and futuristic design considering it was for the 1962 World’s Fair. I marvel at it every time I see it. Those giant connections at the base of the legs, and the fact that 74,000 nuts and bolts hold it together on top of what was the largest continuous pour West of the Mississippi at the time. Cool stuff!

What is your favorite thing about the DCI work environment?
DCI has always paid close attention to the type of person they hire and how they fit as much as technical talent. It is really nice to work worth good people that have unique stories and are easy to work with. That is not prominent everywhere.

Favorite projects

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The Independent

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James Bowie High School

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First United Bank - Sherman

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