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DCI's innovative use of 3D modeling helped make our project a success.”

Steven A. Davidow, P.E., S.E. from Crux Subsurface, Inc.

Sunrise Powerlink: Innovative solutions for today’s energy needs

DCI Engineers is continuing its long-working history with Crux Subsurface on a variety of innovative solutions for transmission tower foundation caps. This project, with San Diego Gas & Electric, involved replacing traditional wooden piles with steel poles. With the use of creative technology, DCI Engineers created unique 3D models of transmission pile caps to assist with this project.

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San Diego, California
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Project Highlights

  • Innovative use of Inventor software created 3D drawings that helped streamline production components, correct field errors, and save time on costly redesign.
  • Work performed on rugged terrain such as mountain sides and cliffs required a great amount of logistical coordination.
  • Provided 3D drawings that were so detailed that they were often used as shop drawings for the steel fabricator.
  • Able to redesign plates as solid pieces without welding, which in turn saved in welding costs.

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