University of Idaho Kibbie Dome

Engineering for the Vandals: Providing solutions for the University of Idaho stadium

The University of Idaho’s Kibbie Dome was originally constructed in 1975, and it recently underwent a complete structural review and renovation. DCI Engineers reviewed the structural performance of the existing structure and provided services for the retrofit.

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Moscow, Idaho
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Higher Education, Sports

Project Highlights

  • The main goal of the project was to identify any major life safety deficiencies, review potential retrofit schemes and costs for the roof structure, replace the existing end walls with steel frames and translucent cladding, and add two new stair towers to provide additional means of egress.
  • The purpose of the study was to review the structural performance of the existing roof structure under several load cases, including extreme wind and unbalanced snow loads.
  • Designed new end walls and two new stair towers at the west end of the stadium.

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