University of Washington Husky Ballpark

This stadium gives us a legitimate chance to host a regional.”

Lindsay Meggs, UW Baseball Head Coach

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team: Designing the Husky Ballpark!

Thanks to geotechnical and structural engineering know-how, Husky Ballpark underwent a successful grounds renovation upgrading the quality of the site worthy to host a NCAA regional tournament. The stadium seating, team/faculty building, and training facility sit on redesigned foundation systems that alleviate the resettling of the ballpark grounds which sit on top of a former landfill. The new foundation systems support the grandstands and buildings with a no net load, a feat of engineering carefully calculated by DCI to reclaim a suitable foundation surface. This was carried out by removing soil and installing a layer of concrete raft slab, geofoam, and Scoria (igneous rock) in its place.

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Seattle, Washington
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Higher Education, Sports
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Concrete, Steel, Wood

Project Highlights

  • Restored the ballpark vicinity with a “floating” foundation of concrete raft slab, geofoam, and Scoria to level the ground and support new structure with a no net load. This alleviated the constant ground resettling of the ballpark which sits on a former landfill.
  • Accomplished a cantilevered rooftop for the Wayne Gittinger Team Building which provides high ceilings and scenic views of Union Bay.
  • Designed the structural framework for a 3-story grandstand partially covered with metal deck roofing.
  • Designed the structural framework for the Player Development Building which contains five on-grade tunnels of batting cages.

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