1510 Webster Street: An All-Around, Mass Timber First

Topped out August 2023, this Oakland, California residential high-rise is not only North America's first Type IV-A building, it is currently the tallest mass timber building on the West Coast, the tallest mass timber building in a high seismic zone in the world, and is the world's first mass plywood panel point-supported building.

It's a HUGE milestone for the building industry, and we're thrilled to share why in the following DCI-produced video feature. Check out the virtual tour to learn how the project team made it happen -- no hard hat required!


The 1510 Webster Street Project Team

  • Owner, Architect, General Contractor - oWOW
  • Structural Engineer - DCI Engineers
  • Mass Timber Supplier - Freres
  • Mass Timber & Concrete Contractor - Webcor

The 1510 Webster DCI Team

Jeff Brink SF website1

Jeff D. Brink

Michael Bauer SF website

Michael Bauer

Fritz Liedtke Ethan Martin 008 web itokm4 Sjtvl3

Ethan Martin


DCI's Full-Picture... Roll-Up-The-Sleeves-and-Get-It-Done... Mass Timber Services

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