Deck Your Halls With Virtual Holiday Backgrounds!

Part of DCI's "12-Day Countdown to 2021" holiday celebration

As part of DCI’s “12-Day Countdown to 2021,” we’ve gathered a handful of holiday-themed backgrounds for your virtual get-togethers. These are perfect for work AND home, allowing you to deck the halls without lifting a finger (okay, maybe a couple mouse clicks…). Simply right click on the image you want and hit ‘save.’

That’s it!

Never added a custom background to your meetings? Here are some tips!


Norwegians embrace the concept of “hygge” in their culture to endure harsh winters. They’ve spent generations perfecting the term coziness. Create your own cozy environment by downloading these backgrounds for your next "in-home" gathering.

Festive Living Room (from

Winter Wonderland (from


Celebrate holiday traditions with these festive and colorful backgrounds! Toast the seaon and share good tidings from the comfort of your living room.

Champagne (from

Light (from

Holiday Happy Hour (from

Good Tidings (from

Menorah Gold (from


Want to pretend you are lodging in Montana? Spending the holidays in Europe? Or taking in the local annual holiday bazaar? These selections can set the stage for you – and your virtual guests.

Mountain Getaway (from

Holiday Bazaar (from

Snowy Meadow (from

Streetscape (from


Bring out that inner child with these screen captures from Charlie Brown Christmas Special, The Grinch and Frozen. These make great backdrops for your next kid-friendly gathering!

Charlie Brown Christmas (from

The Grinch (from

Frozen (from


Clean. Classic. Simple. These backgrounds are perfect backdrops to what’s happening front and center.

Jolly (from

Simple Decor (from


Keep the merry rolling with these fun and silly holiday backgrounds. Perfect for breaking the ice and busting a gut at your next group gathering.

Kool Kris Kringle (from

Ugly Sweater Party (from

Chillin' with My Gnomies (from

From all of us at DCI, we wish you a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. Be sure to check back at our Facebook and Instagram pages for more fun as we countdown to 2021!

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