"All I Want for Christmas..."

DCI Principals remember their favorite holiday gifts

Holidays are a great time to reflect, be with loved ones, and gather as a community. What’s interesting is we may have celebrated the season in different ways while growing up. The one common factor about this time of year is that it brings out the nostalgic side in all of us. Just for fun, some DCI principals were asked to remember their favorite childhood gift. Here is what we discovered…

Brent Robinson: An acoustic guitar

Grant Buckingham: A train set

Damon Smith: The board game “Mousetrap”

Paul Rogness: My first CD player which included a Mötley Crüe CD

Carey Goetz: A train set

Mark Aden: My Roy Rogers double holster gun belt with nickel plated six guns

Roger Heeringa: A 22 rifle (also tool sets, toy trucks, and farming equipment, according to his mom)

Troy Bean: Board games the whole family could play

Scott Erickson: I remember really wanting a skateboard

Bruce Zhong: A really big special meal

Greg Gilda: A BB gun

John Tessem: A gas-powered toy car, also a BB gun

Guy Conversano: A Red Ryder BB gun

Mark D’Amato: It’s a toss-up between my Marklin Model train set and the Daisey BB gun

Dick Hemmen: In 3rd grade, I got a three speed English racer bike with a generator light. For me at the time, it was like owning a Corvette!

Ryan Slaybaugh: A Robotix Erector set

Craig Crowley: LEGO Expert Builder set

Don Tuttle: I really wanted a Cape Canaveral Launch Pad building set

Tom Xia: We usually got new clothes

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