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Tom Xia


Principal Emeritus, Seattle


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Creativity is the best part of engineering. Using structural elements as part of the architectural design excites me. Innovative design ideas are paramount to creating beautiful structures. They are also essential for finding cost-efficient solutions and bringing value to a project.”

With over 30 years of experience on a wide range of projects including high-rise, office, parking, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and education projects, Tom brings a great deal of knowledge and expertise to his clients. As part of any design team, Tom remains deeply committed to pursuing creative engineering solutions and providing the best services possible throughout the entirety of the project. He shares his knowledge with numerous local and national technical committees, and he acts as the Technical Director within DCI. Tom’s willingness to provide guidance and advice makes him an excellent resource for other engineers in the company.

What is your dream project location?
In space.

What is your favorite place or building in Seattle?
Seacrest Park overlooking the Seattle skyline.

What is your favorite thing about the DCI work environment?
The team work and collaboration.

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