Everett, WA

Notable Destinations & Commerce: Paine Field; Port of Everett; Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour; Xfinity Arena; Everett Farmers Market; Funko HQ Store; Legion Memorial Park; Howarth Park; Jetty Island; Wallace Falls State Park

Signature DCI Everett Cultural Activities: Office lunch outings; golf outing group; participate in Seattle HQ events

DCI's Everett office has been focused on the vitality and growth of the community since 1995. Its location not only reflects the team's immediate involvement with projects that are making a positive impact in people's lives, but it also provides an opportunity for employees to shorten their commute time to work as compared to traveling south to the Seattle office. Principal Danielle Jacobs leads the group of 12 people, which comprises of engineers, BIM, and accounting team members. The group can conveniently collaborate with clients and AEC professionals who are located or pursuing developments in the fast-growing Lynnwood market. The Everett team visits the Seattle office for project collaboration, Seattle’s state-of-the-firm meetings, and Seattle-based client meetings.

Everett, WA

728 134th Street SW, Suite 220
Everett, WA 98204

(206) 332-1900


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Max Honkawa

Assistant BIM Department Manager, Everett
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Danielle Jacobs

Principal, Everett
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Andrew Kracht

Associate, Everett
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