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Max Honkawa

Assistant BIM Department Manager, Everett


Seeing a building come to life in a 3D environment is my favorite part of the job.”

Max’s first exposure to 3D modeling programs and structural drawings came when he worked for a company that repurposed retired railroad cars and outfitted them for pedestrian or light vehicle-use bridges. After a while, he needed more project variety in his career. Upon completing college programs to advance his CAD skills, he worked at a structural engineering firm in Issaquah, Washington. The gig was brief as that group disbanded, but luckily, he was introduced to DCI co-founder Mark D’Amato – and Max found a longer term role by joining his dream team.

Fast forward to now, Max’s portfolio contains more project variety than ever. He managed DCI’s signature high-rise projects, such as The Grand, The Artise, Ovation, various concrete towers, and much more. He enjoys showing colleagues BIM application tips and shortcuts to improve work efficiencies – positioning him as an invaluable training resource. Known for his fast and accurate work, Max has become a reliable asset to the engineering team.

If you weren’t a BIM project manager, what would you be?
An outdoor guide that gets to show people new experiences.

What is your favorite thing about the DCI work environment?
The open door policy. I’ve always felt like I could talk to anyone and everyone at DCI about ideas, thoughts, challenges and that everyone from the top down was available to lend an ear.

What is your favorite place, building, or built environment at your current city of residence?
My own house….there’s no place like home right?

Favorite projects

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The Grand LA

The Artise WEB

The Artise

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The Danforth

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Murano Senior Living

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