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Christopher Ferrera


Associate, Spokane

The architectural design and the function of buildings make our work as structural engineers both interesting and challenging. It is amazing to think the buildings we design have the ability to outlive us and be utilized by people for multiple generations. Structural engineering is a fun and rewarding career. I love the feeling of seeing a completed project and sharing the story of my involvement with friends, family, and colleagues.”

Chris started his engineering career through summer internships working for the county on road and sewer construction projects. Entry level structural engineering positions were scarce during the recession when he graduated college so he worked a construction job in North Dakota for a few months installing underground utilities and roads. He started his structural engineering career with DCI designing mining conveyors and framing support for heavy industrial equipment. Now Chris is known at the firm for his senior project management success with mixed-use podiums, tenant improvement, and high-rises. He takes great pride in his contribution to the Spokane Convention Center Expansion project. The experience allowed him to frequently interact with the construction team at the site – and gave him the confidence to lead numerous structural projects across the US and in foreign countries.

Where is your hometown?
Spokane, Washington

What is your dream project location?

What is your favorite piece of historical architecture?
I’m intrigued by buildings in Europe that were constructed hundreds of years ago without modern technology.

Favorite projects

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Spokane Convention Center Expansion

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