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Principal, Seattle

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Structural engineers help maintain a safe society – that is something I truly enjoy about this profession.”

Since his early days as a DCI intern, Kyle has been helping clients discover structural design solutions that capitalize on efficiency, cost and performance. His projects have included several multi-family residential, commercial, mixed-use and high-rise developments throughout Seattle, southern California, and the Bay Area. While Kyle has worked with all types of materials, he specializes in concrete construction and leads internal education surrounding this common construction method.

With experience in design-build projects, Kyle operates with a “whole team” mentality – where weigh-in from design partners can help streamline the build process for every discipline. This process includes discussing construction efficiencies early in the stages of design.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?
Something in teaching. One thing I really enjoy about being an engineer is mentoring and sharing information with others. Plus, having the summer off to travel would be a great bonus.

What is your dream project location?
I would like to work on a high-rise in New York and contribute to the iconic skyline. It’s such a unique mix of timeless and new building.

What is your favorite place, building, or built environment at your current city of residence?
My favorite place in Seattle is Green Lake. I live nearby and try to get there as much as possible to enjoy the park.

Favorite projects

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