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I enjoy the problem solving aspects of the profession, including the wide range of challenges from highly technical, esoteric code interpretation to internal and external team dynamics and relationships. Even when two projects seem similar, there is always a slightly different problem to solve every time.”

Always seeking tangible achievements, Patrick chose the structural engineering profession to improve built environments for the public good and community enrichment. During school, he developed the engineering skills needed to join the AEC industries responsible for producing large structures that impact the world. Now with more than a decade of engineering experience at DCI, Patrick is fulfilling his career dream and advancing his role at the firm by being a team leader and sharing his knowledge with colleagues and clients.

His technical perspective on design always come with down-to-earth sanity checks and human touch interaction - with the goal to produce efficient structures. Patrick is known for his quality control and code expertise. He has managed almost every project and material type, making him as a reliable resource on producing complex designs and achieving the architectural vision of clients.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?
I’ve always wanted to own a hybrid coffee shop/brewery with a woodworking shop. I really enjoy making things and sharing them with others.

What was your favorite class in college?
I finished a certificate in product design alongside my civil engineering degree at Northwestern and have really enjoyed utilizing the brainstorming and project organization skills from that sequence of classes.

What do you love most about the DCI work environment?
The variety of projects and industries that DCI enables me to be involved in, along with the great people and support, are great aspects of being a structural engineer at DCI.

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