West Valley High School Expansion and Renovation

West Valley High School Expansion and Renovation

An Upgrade from the 1950s: Engineering the renovation of an existing high school

DCI Engineers provided structural design services for the expansion and renovation of the existing West Valley High School.  Built in 1957 and added to in 1961 and 1988, the building was a visual chaos created by additions of various vintages. A focal element of design was a new main entrance, which clearly identifies the school’s primary entry.

Project Highlights

  • Included 130,000-sf of modernization and 80,000-sf of new construction.
  • Design team focused on preserving the carved granite archway that was part of the original building by prominently positioning it in the two-story glass lobby, while still making it visible from outside.
  • Open gathering spaces were a key component to the design in order to promote internal circulation and educational programs.
  • Consists of a new 1,865-seat gymnasium, a library, cafeteria, and common area.
  • Included a 150-seat addition to the school’s existing theater.
Spokane, Washington
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