Bellevue Boys & Girls Club Fieldhouse

There is a shortage of gyms and fields [in Bellevue]. This will allow us to serve that many more kids. We’re always competing for fields and gyms, and this will be a huge impact on what we can provide.”

Kathy Haggart, President and CEO of the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club

Adding Youth Activites to the Eastside: Increasing recreational and program capacity for Eastside youth

The Bellevue Boys and Girls Club’s Fieldhouse in Hidden Valley Park is a $4M multi-purpose community center providing recreational and after-school programs for youth ages 5 to 8 years. Their two-story building contains offices, meeting rooms, and a gymnasium with three basketball courts. Civil and structural services were provided for the client. On the civil side, traffic and parking studies were conducted, as well as the design of a detention vault. On the structural side, light gauge steel framing and steel braced frames were designed to handle lateral forces. A gravity system was erected with steel beams and columns, along with cold-formed steel non-bearing walls. Other construction support services included confirming pile lengths; validating the slab-on-grade foundation design; planning the composite floor systems; and designing the roof structure and lateral systems to support loads.

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Bellevue, Washington
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Structural, Civil
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Recreation & Entertainment, Sports
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Concrete, Steel, Masonry

Project Highlights

  • Arranged for more engineering support services when the project scope was modified.
  • Designed a sub-level detention vault.
  • Also provided traffic and parking studies.

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