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Jeff D. Brink

Vice-President/CEO, San Francisco

“For me, involvement in the early concept phase of a project is the most interesting and challenging.  That is the time in a project when we can offer the greatest innovation and greatest cost saving ideas to the project team."

Thanks to a diverse portfolio of project experience, Jeff is able to provide unparalleled client service and comprehensive insight into building technology that extends beyond the structural design. Since receiving his Master of Science in Structural Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Jeff has amassed more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He continually strives to provide clients with innovative, yet simple, solutions to increase value and redefine the industry. 

After being promoted to Principal In Charge at DCI, Jeff transferred to the San Francisco office to manage strategic growth and staff mentoring. He tapped into the multifamily and technology markets and became a recognized leader and engineer. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute, NAIOP, San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, and San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR).

  • What is your favorite piece of historical architecture? The Pantheon.
  • If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be? A pilot.
  • What is your dream project location? The project makes the location!



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