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We have a unique mix of people and experiences here at DCI. My coworkers share such a range of expertise but are also great human beings. It’s pretty amazing that you can have a successful group of people that produce such good work without being hamsters in those little ball thingies.”

Alex Smith started his engineering career by accident.

While pursuing his undergrad at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA, Alex didn’t have a major in mind; but by signing up coincidently for an engineering seminar, he stumbled upon his future in the built environment.

Alex earned his BS in Civil Engineering and then his Master of Engineering (Structural) from Cornell thereafter. Upon graduation, he worked for a firm in New York City for two years before joining DCI in 2013 where he’s been ever since.

It’s no surprise after reading Alex’s quote that he’s known for boosting morale and reducing the seriousness of this line of work. While colleagues appreciate his genuine personality and lightheartedness, Alex has also built a stellar reputation with clients – delivering innovative, creative structural solutions for projects ranging from athletic facilities and K-12 buildings to specialty art installations.

What is your favorite place, building, or built environment where you live?
I love finding myself in the fresh air outside of the built environment of Bozeman. Things are much smiley-er on a bicycle, on skis, in a boat, or hiking/climbing up some rocks in the sunshine.

What would you name an engineering superhero?
Fred seems like a nice name.

What do you love most about the DCI work environment?
By far, the people/environment and the flexibility/understanding of work-life balance. Everyone comes to work, puts in the effort, and does a great job, but THEN everyone heads out to enjoy their other past times. Folks are genuinely interested in what others are doing outside of work and supportive of their pursuits, provided they are still getting their work done at a high level.

Favorite projects

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Gallatin High School

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