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Joseph James

BIM Project Manager, Spokane

One of my favorite things about the drafting process is being able to visualize the information the engineer provides us and seeing how it will be put together. It comes down to making a client’s vision a structural possibility as efficiently as possible."

Since high school, Joseph had a penchant for drafting, and discovered having a nimble mindset leads to success as a designer. He experienced the technology leap from hand drafted drawings to CAD while studying architectural drafting. He started his professional career by producing mechanical engineering drawings and then adapted to AutoCAD when a software switch was made.

Fast forward to his career at DCI, Joseph continues to seek design improvement, project variety, and ways to be a team player. He has produced drawings for a variety of multi-family residential, hospitals, commercial retail, military projects, and much more. He is familiar with detailing structural systems designed from masonry, concrete, post-tensioned concrete, steel, cold formed steel, and wood. His depth of knowledge makes him an excellent team member to oversee production quality control and drawing consistency.

Where is your hometown?
Spokane, Washington

If you weren’t a BIM project manager, what would you be?
A paleontologist

What is your favorite piece of historical architecture?
The medieval castles of Europe

Favorite projects

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Looff Carrousel

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Gonzaga University Volkar Center for Athletic Achievement

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Ronald McDonald House