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I really enjoy building things. When I’m not working, I’m at home building something or working on some kind of project. I feel like if I was building (instead of designing) for a living, it wouldn’t give me the same satisfaction, so what’s the next best thing? Design something for someone else to build!”

When Justin made messes at home with endless deconstruction/rebuild projects, his family knew he was destined for engineering. The inquisitive, technical mindset runs in the family. Naturally, Justin took his interest to a professional level. After graduating from his studies, he volunteered time with engineering firms to gain experience. A 3D modeling assignment led to an internship and a full-time job. By the time Justin joined DCI, he had already established AEC connections throughout Portland and the greater Portland area.

After proving himself at the office, Justin now leads a variety of project types, from heavy timber, steel modular, custom single-family homes, multi-family, concrete and timber floats, hospitality, high-rise, and renovation work. He elevated his project management skills by integrating efficient work processes, such as developing spreadsheets to help standardize design. Justin is part of the in-house quality control committee at the Portland office.

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?
A professional pilot. I’m an avid aviation enthusiast and pilot.

What is the best part of being a structural engineer at DCI?
The community at DCI really fosters creativity and learning, which I appreciate. Also, the wide variety of project types, especially in our office, allows us to choose what we want to work on, which makes DCI fairly unique.

What is your favorite place, building, or built environment at your current city of residence?
I’ve really appreciated the latest trends towards creative office space and repurposing old buildings to be useful again. In the Pearl District in Portland, which used to be primarily manufacturing and old unreinforced masonry factories, have been retrofitted and repurposed into creative office space, restaurants, and shops.

Favorite projects

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Hyatt Regency - Oregon Convention Center

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