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DCI Principals Step into Corporate Roles


In alignment with our mission to maintain a fresh perspective on the future, DCI Engineers is pleased to announce the following leadership changes/additions.

For our 2022 Board of Directors, Matthew Hubbard, CFO and Principal in the Bozeman office, is filling in as Treasurer; and joining the Board is Craig Crowley, COO and Principal in Spokane, and Jeff Brink, CEO and Principal in San Francisco.

DCI’s Corporate Management Team (formerly referred to as the Executive Management Team) will also be adding Danielle Jacobs, Principal in the Seattle and Everett offices, and Kris Swanson, Principal in the Austin office, to its group.

For the roles of Principal in Charge (PIC), Sandra Biddulph in the San Francisco office will be PIC for Human Resources, David Giordano in the Spokane office will be PIC for Legal and Amy Pugh will be PIC for Marketing.

We’re excited for all these leaders will contribute to their respective teams!


DCI Board of Directors

Mark Aden, Chairman
Grant Buckingham, Secretary
Matthew Hubbard, Treasurer
Roger Heeringa
Troy Bean
Damon Smith
Craig Crowley
Jeff Brink

Corporate Officers

Jeff Brink, CEO/President
Craig Crowley, COO
Matthew Hubbard, CFO

Corporate Management Team (CMT)

Grant Buckingham, Vice President
Greg Gilda, Vice President
Matthew Schmidt, Vice President
Danielle Jacobs
Kris Swanson

Principal-In-Charge of

Business Development: Jami Lorenz
Civil Technical: Damon Smith
Finance: Matt Hubbard
Human Resources: Sandra Biddulph
IT: Grant Buckingham
Legal: Dave Giordano
Marketing: Amy Pugh
Production: Matt Schmidt
Staff Development: Scott Erickson
Structural Technical: Paul Rogness

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