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Jeremy Livermore

Associate, Irvine

“Structures are not just materials extended through space, they are very stressed out materials extended through space.”

Jeremy is a firm believer that structural excellence comes out of collaboration. His experience heading up projects ranging from institutional and commercial developments to governmental and industrial works for the public has produced award-winning designs that are shaping the urban landscape. 

This influence has crossed international borders where Jeremy works to restore communities devastated by earthquakes, including Christchurch, New Zealand and Concepcion, Chile; along with war-torn areas of Liberia and Uganda.

He volunteers for several local organizations, as well, proving collaborative work is more than just another day in the office. 

  • What is your dream project location? Downtown LA
  • What would you name an engineering superhero? Santiago Calatrava
  • If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be? An architect or philosopher


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